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Sushi restaurant Senryo

Sushi Korosenryo

  • Minami Alps
    • Japanese
    • sushi
  • 1,000 ~ 1,499 circle
  • 1,000 ~ 2,999 circle

It is here that you can taste the sushi that your husband, who has 40 years of history, holds.
In addition to Omakase Nigiri and seafood stamina bowls made with seasonal ingredients procured from Tsukiji, single dishes such as fried foods and grilled foods are also popular!
It goes well with alcohol as well as lunch, so it can be used as a snack. ◎ Also, the adjacent distance can be used in various situations.
It's a spacious tatami space, so it's perfect for lunch with mom friends with small children!
Why don't you spend your time with delicious sushi?


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Basic Information

Address 〒400-0222
3532-1 Iino, Minami-Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture Google Map

* Please tell us that you saw PORTA when making inquiries.

Closing days Tuesdays
Opening hours 【Noon】
11:30 - 14:00
17:00 - 22:00
Parking 30
Number of seats 80 seats
(16 seats in the tatami room, 6 seats in the counter, 18 seats in the small rise, 40 seats in the banquet hall)
Price range 【Noon】
1,000 ~ 1,499 circle
1,000 ~ 2,999 circle
Main menu ・ Omakase Nigiri set from 1,100 yen
・ Seafood stamina bowl 1,300 yen
・ Fried flounder from 1,000 yen
Remarks English / Chinese food menu

* Business hours and regular holidays may differ due to the effects of the new coronavirus.
For more information, please contact the store directly.

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