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Japanese cuisine Mitsuhashi

Japanese Ryori Mitsuhashi

  • Chuo City
    • Japanese
    • Izakaya
    • sushi
  • 500 ~ 999 circle
  • 3,000 ~ 4,999 circle

We have a large selection of menus that are particular about domestic ingredients.
The course meal consists of the best ingredients of the day.
Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine such as seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood in a calm space.


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  • I found out about the store with my lunch passport.It's far from the main street, and it's in an incomprehensible place, but mainly Japanese food, steak bowl and rice bowl ...

    Sayuchin June 31, 2017
  • No matter what you eat, it's definitely recommended ❗️

    Hawk June 1, 2017

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Basic Information

Address 〒409-3845
2196-1 Yamanokami, Chuo City, Yamanashi Prefecture Google Map

* Please tell us that you saw PORTA when making inquiries.

Closing days Sunday (open for reservations)
Opening hours 【Noon】
11:30 - 14:00
* Open for lunch only from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays)
17:00 - 22:00
Parking 16
Number of seats 46 seats
Price range 【Noon】
500 ~ 999 circle
3,000 ~ 4,999 circle
Main menu 【lunch】
・ Domestic lean steak bowl set 980 yen
・ Tonkatsu set 920 yen
・ Shoulder loin ginger set 920 yen
・ Tuna pickled rice bowl set 1,150 yen
・ Tempura set meal 1,630 yen
[Course menu]
・ Kaiseki course
3.240 yen / 4,320 yen / 5,400 yen / 6,480 yen / 7,560 yen / 8,640 yen
[Women's course]
・ Only for women-only groups
・ Usually offers a Kaiseki course of 4,320 yen for 3,600 yen
Remarks English / Chinese food menu

* Business hours and regular holidays may differ due to the effects of the new coronavirus.
For more information, please contact the store directly.

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