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Release: 2024.05.16

I want to eat a hamburger!Yamanashi's exquisite hamburger recommended shops 2024

Introducing Yamanashi's popular exquisite hamburgers and carefully selected restaurants! Buns with a juicy patty. A luxurious lineup of delicious burgers with plenty of volume. Please enjoy the delicious flavors that are full of fresh ingredients and original ideas that can only be found in Yamanashi. From big, juicy burgers to healthy burgers packed with vegetables, we have a wide variety of types and toppings. Check out Yamanashi's carefully selected burgers that will satisfy both your stomach and soul.

Recommended hamburger restaurant

  1. FRAME

    Showa Town

    The special buns, made from 100% domestic wheat, developed by Louvre, a popular bakery in the Southern Alps, are heated on a griddle each time an order is placed, making them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The 100% beef patty is ground from chunks of pork in-house.

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  2. Awajishima Burger Kai Shikishima

    Kai city

    Speaking of Awajishima burger, the highlight is the sweet and thick onions! The ripe onions from Awaji Island, which have a high sugar content, are grilled to enhance their flavor, and the insides are so thick that they almost melt in your mouth. In addition, with original Awaji Island sauce that uses plenty of onions.

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  3. CAFÉ & BAL All day KIRAKU

    Minami Alps

    ``Adult Children's Burger'' is a menu of hamburgers that the staff really wanted to eat. The buns are handmade without eggs so that even children with allergies can eat them. The secret to its deliciousness is the pizza dough-based bun and patty made with an original mix of spices such as garlic, oregano, and paprika.

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  4. Bread restaurant PUT


    With the concept of ``a little bit of good fast food,'' I'm already hooked on the bakery's hamburgers♪ Incorporating the three sacred treasures of the hamburger world: avocado, bacon, and cheese, ABC has an excellent balance of being solid but not too heavy. A steak-like patty made with coarsely ground beef from two different origins, and a beefy bacon with plenty of presence.

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    A regolith hamburger created by a chef with a French background. It's a popular bakery in Hokuto City, and is a special dish made by the brother of the owner of Regolith, which is made by sandwiching a meaty patty into ``Anto Tamasei Bread.'' The ingredients for the hamburger have been carefully researched to match the bread.

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