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Is there a charge to use it?

It doesn't cost any money.
All services are free to use.

I forgot my ID / password

If you forget your password and cannot log inResetting a passwordPlease apply for.
Enter your user ID and registered e-mail address and click the "Reset Password" button to send a password reissue e-mail to the registered e-mail address. * The user ID is included in the member registration completion notification email when registering as a new member.

If you forget your user IDUser ID confirmationEnter your registered e-mail address and click the "User ID Confirmation" button to send an e-mail notifying you of your user ID confirmation.

How can I unsubscribe?

https://www.porta-y.jp/mypage/quit You can unsubscribe from.
After selecting "Delete account", click "OK" in the alert to complete the withdrawal.
* Please note that when the withdrawal is completed, all data other than word-of-mouth, favorites, point history, etc. will be deleted.

I registered, but I didn't receive a registration completion email from PORTA.

If you do not receive the registration completion e-mail even though the e-mail address entered at the time of registration is correct, the e-mail may have been blocked or sorted to the junk e-mail folder due to the junk e-mail settings.
Can you check if it has arrived in the junk folder?

I can not log in

If you cannot log in after entering the correct user ID (or email address) / password, please be aware of the mistakes listed below and try again.

    • You have entered a different email address than when you registered as a member.
    • You made a mistake entering your password.
    • I am entering in full-width characters. (Full-width characters cannot be registered. Please be sure to enter in half-width characters.)
    • You have entered the wrong case. (Please also check the "Caps Lock" key setting)

If the above does not help, the user ID / password may be incorrect.
In that case,User ID confirmationApplication /Resetting a passwordPlease apply for.An e-mail confirming your user ID / reissuing your password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

I would like to change the registered information

You can edit it from My Page.
Click "Change Member Information" on My Page, change the relevant items, and then click "Update Profile" to complete the change.
Please note that "User ID", "Date of birth" and "Gender" cannot be changed.

To change your password, click "Change Password" on My Page and enter your new password.

Why isn't it posted even though I posted a review?

All the reviews postedTerms and ConditionsWe are conducting a preliminary examination based on.
Depending on the results of the review, it may not be published.Multiple posts to the same store will also be subject to non-posting.
Please note that even if the posted text is 30 characters or less, or if there is a violation report, it may be subject to deletion.

Can I post only images?

Excuse me, but you cannot post images only.
Word-of-mouth communication is limited to comments, or word-of-mouth + images are posted.

I would like to announce the event

"Events" pageEvent posting formPlease apply from.
The editorial department will review the results in advance and then inform you of the results.
Please note that if the publication is decided, our editorial staff will interview you directly.

I found the wrong information

Excuse me, but if you find incorrect information, immediatelyInquiry formAlternatively, please contact the PORTA Division.

I found reviews and articles that I don't want or shouldn't post

[In the case of word-of-mouth communication]
Click the "Violation Report" button in the target word-of-mouth column.
The editorial department will consider the content and take appropriate measures.
* "Violation report" is only available to those who have completed membership registration.If you are not registered as a member, please contact the PORTA Division directly.

[In the case of articles]
excuse me,Inquiry formAlternatively, please contact the PORTA Division directly.

I received a notification that the gift was won, but I did not receive the prize

We will only ship gifts to registered shipping destinations.
Please note that we will not reissue the item if the item is not delivered due to incomplete registration information or absence of the shipping address.
If you do not receive the item other than that, I'm sorry.Inquiry formAlternatively, please contact the PORTA Division directly.

Where can I contact the PORTA division?

Takeda Building, 2-5-17 Chizuka, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Takeda Advertising Co., Ltd. PORTA Division

If you have any questions or requestsInquiry formPlease contact us from.

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