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What is PORTA?

PORTA is located in Yamanashi prefecture.

Delicious gourmet

various shops

event i want to go to

Much-talked-about beauty salon


I collected a lot of "I want to know" about Yamanashi
This is a local information site.

Deliver the charm of Yamanashi Prefecture as soon as possible!

Because it is PORTA
What you can do

Community-based information throughout Yamanashi Prefecture

In order to convey attractive information about Yamanashi Prefecture that cannot be found on other sites, we actually visited and conducted interviews and photography.

Original content presented by the editorial department

We develop special feature that held season and trend in check.News press such as loose blogs and new store information!

A wide range of deals and seasonal information

We deliver various latest information such as real-time information from stores, coupon information, NEW OPEN shops, etc.!

Versatile search function

Full search function from various angles such as region, genre, scene, etc.!You can choose the shop according to your mood of the day♪

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