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Extension decision ❗️ Point exchange gift campaign 📣

Presents that can be exchanged for points from October
Due to its popularity, the extension has been decided in January 2020 ♬


Unlike previous lottery gifts, we have prepared a nice gift that you will definitely get 🎁
It will be on a first-come, first-served basis, so be quick!


✨ Present contents ✨

① JCB gift card for 1,000 yen

② QUO card for 500 yen


③ Amazon gift card for 500 yen

How to use is up to you! !!
A gift card that everyone is happy with ♪



Accumulate points and get a gift card that you will definitely get ✌️



Even if you have not registered as a member
Take this opportunity to register as a member and post reviews ♬

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